Writing Skills

Six Week Writing Workshop

This course is designed for four to eight students at the high school level. Focus will be on recognizing and improving the areas where students have difficulty with their academic writing (based on Vicki Spandel's book Creating Writers Through 6-Trait Writing). Engaging in writing exercises, group discussions, and individual feedback, students will apply the "formula" for a five paragraph essay and master it so they can apply those skills to any form of writing. An emphasis will also be placed on learning to make logical connections in critical thinking and writing.

Students will be expected to email their typed writing assignments to the tutor the evening prior to their next class.

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Week One: Writing samples, introduction to 6-Trait Writing Rubric, and discussion of areas of interest to improve. Class will choose two to four traits as focus for next weeks. Class will choose individualized writing assignment that will be worked on for and at each class.

Week Two: review outlines and discuss in groups and individually with tutor. Identify areas of success and areas of improvement.

Week Three: Discuss logical arguments and proofs, application to writing. Review claims and backing/evidence for essays. Identify areas of success and areas of improvement.

Week Four: Trait specific exercises for each student. Review first drafts of essay, discuss areas of success and areas of improvement. Discuss revision process (not just spelling and punctuation!).

Week Five: Additional trait specific exercises for each student. Review second drafts of essay. Identify and discuss where students are struggling, small group workshops to share strategies and brainstorm new ones.

Week Six: Review third drafts, reflection on areas where students have grown and improved and areas where improvement still needed.