“For the first time in our child’s life, we know why a bright kid like her has been struggling to read and spell. Sanford outlined what the underlying problems are and gave us hope along with a plan that works.”

—Parent, Bend, OR,

“Henry had a great year at Hofstra University and is still using the personal management techniques Sanford taught him. He loves the school, and takes responsibility, arranges untimed exams. This self-reliance is one of the things Sanford taught him to do.”

—Barbara Rosenberg, Parent, New Haven, CT,

“Bend Learning Center has the first educator to have taken the time to understand Stephen’s learning style. More importantly, Sanford helped Stephen accept it and work with it. He not only helped save Stephen’s life, he helped him see he had a life worth saving.”

—Rita Lerario, Parent,

“When we started working with Sanford, our son was depressed and convinced that the best option for him was just to quit school. He had recently been diagnosed as dyslexic and Sanford was confident that over the course of 10 weeks, he could turn our son back into the joyful, confident boy we knew was hiding in there somewhere! After only two weeks of meeting with Sanford, our son changed dramatically. One morning he proudly showed me a spelling error that he had found in the comics page. He told me the spelling rule broken and how the word should have been spelled. He is eager to correct my handwriting, proud to show me the correct way to form my letters. Words can not express the relief and hope that my husband and I feel as we watch our son change before our eyes. As a homeschool mom, I am relieved to have someone partner with me in helping my son learn in the ways that work best for him. Sanford has taken a burden from us and given us hope, and for that we are grateful!”

—Grateful Mom,

“Just what I hoped for— skilled, attuned to the needs of students, and visionary as an educator in a way that was both solidy grounded and very intuitive.”

—Gib Robinson, Parent, San Francisco, CA,

“Bend Learning Center helped my dyslexic daughter learn to read at a time when she desperately needed it. Just as importantly, he helped our entire family understand how we all learn differently. As a parent of a dyslexic and an adult with dyslexia myself, I am forever grateful for what he did for our entire family. By helping my daughter, my sister, and myself, he brought self-awareness and success to a whole generation in my family!”

—Katie Ewen, Parent, Carmel, CA,