Educational Services for Children and Adults with Learning Differences

Assessment: Identifying Strengths and Challenges

So much of the challenge for parents of kids who struggle in school is understanding exactly why they struggle, where the specific breakdowns in learning occur, and what specific learning strengths does their child have that can be built upon?

FACT: 15-20% students in schools are dyslexic learners.  1 in 5 students.

An educational and/or developmental assessment through the Bend Learning Center provides answers to those questions. We can show you: where your pre-school child is functioning on a developmental scale or, if your school age child has a specific learning disability. Based on our findings we can help develop protocols and strategies for school and home that nurture and encourage child development

Qualitative as well as Quantitative Analysis

At Bend Learning Center, we know the value of engaging in true qualitative observation and analysis of processing style, error patterns and established compensatory strategies the child may already utilize.

FACT: The earlier the academic intervention, the better the overall results.

This type of analysis is crucial, and together with getting accurate, quantitative, norm-driven (comparison to age and/or grade peers) data on your child, a clear picture emerges and direction becomes established.

Formal and in-depth assessment of
learning strengths and weaknesses
Discover learning style
Recognize and understand specific learning disabilities
Recommendations for remediation

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